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A birdhouse this compelling is worth tweeting about.

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Calling all journalists, bloggers and influencers. 

Newsy stories are one click away. From creating a tool for citizen scientists, monitoring global warming, supporting STEM education, or Smart Home tech, The Peep Show is a newsworthy addition and a timely topic for your readers. 

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Download high res photos. B-roll footage upon request.

Bio, Steve Gray Company Founder and unapologetic Bird Nerd

Founder Steve Gray started The Peep Show as a passion project during the COVID-19 pandemic, following a successful career in advertising at DDB and Publicis, two of the largest and most respected firms in the advertising world. In his marketing tenure, Steve worked for industry-leading clients like Eddie Bauer, T-Mobile, Hewlett-Packard and Holland America Line. Born and raised in Alaska, Steve graduated with a degree in Advertising from Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design. His creative work has been featured in industry publications including Promotion Design That Work and Publication Design Annual, and he has been recognized as a finalist for Vision Award National and Telly Award National. As a published travel photographer and writer, Steve's work has appeared in numerous travel industry publications, cruise brochures and on a host of consumer websites. For The Peep Show, he received a prestigious 2023 Red Dot Product Design award—lending credence to his belief that good design and corporate mandates do not have to be mutually exclusive. Most recently, Steve was chosen among tens of thousands of applicants to showcase The Peep Show on ABC's hit TV show, Shark Tank. Currently based in Seattle, Steve has travelled extensively in Alaska and South America, and always enjoys plotting his next off-the-grid adventure. Whenever he travels, Steve never misses a chance to enjoy the local birdlife along the way.

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