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The Peep Show looks different because it is different. Following stringent ornithological guidelines, we set out to design the most thoughtful bird home possible. From real wood panels to an elevated, dry nesting bed, The Peep Show puts the health and well-being of birds at the forefront of all we do. 

Scientifically designed to give baby birds the best start in life.


Sustainably designed for Mother Nature.

What’s good for the planet is good for the birds. That’s why we use greener materials, an eco-conscious design, bio-plastics, wood and packaging certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.®

Nest Interior Hero copy.png

Beautiful on the inside, too. 

Versatile Camera Mount 
accommodates most corded and wireless cameras.

Customizable Real Wood Panels give your Peep Show its own unique personality. 

Integrated Climbing Wall combined with our wood panels helps chicks make it safely out of the nest.

Elevated Nesting Platform

creates a healthier environment for nestlings.

Sloped Floor & Drain
keep the nest comfy and dry.

All-weather Pole Mount Included

Sturdy aluminum mount attaches securely to your own pole.

Integrated Vent Holes 
keep the nest cooler and allows air to circulate.

A comfy home designed
for the urban bird. 

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Did you know?

Those inexpensive birdhouses you find at big box stores often put profit ahead of the well-being of birds. Rarely do they feature proper ventilation, elevated nesting platforms or other important features recommended by leading ornithological organizations. 

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